One of the most spectacular locations on our planet, Antarctica. Join me on this 12 days journey to the Seventh Continent!


Ahoy! I’m Luca, the creator of this travel blog. I I’ve been obsessed with exploring the world and chasing the next travel adventure as far back as I can remember. This blog is a collection of the life moments that moved me the most and the best lessons I’ve learned along the way, condensed in quick reads.

It’s a big world out there, and the natural wonders and cultural charms you discover when traveling, are the two stages upon all is set. I have a deep conviction in the importance of travel as an heart-opener to the harsh realities and struggles other humans are living, and as an eye-opener to the endless beauty of our planet. GEA (mother earth in Greek mythology), SAGA (goddess of poetry and history in Norse mythology) is the name of this journal.

I am currently focused on growing GEA SAGA into an online community that provides travelers of all sorts, a fun and useful platform to connect with explorers on the go, share curated personal stories while donating to causes that will make this world a better place. If you have time to dedicate and are eager to learn more, please get in touch here. For the time being, hold on tight and click-to-explore.