[DAY 8] - Cuverville Island & Foyn Harbour/Enterprise Island

March 15, 2018

Anchored off-shore at Cuverville Island, we awoke to snow flurries and whale blows out in the Errera Channel this morning. Still, calm glassy waters welcome us as we board the Zodiacs and shuttle ashore.

Andrew briefs us regarding the stretch of beach we would be walking upon and we eagerly make our way down the snow-covered path, surrounded by Gentoo penguins galore. Curious as ever, penguins are staring at us and our brightly colored waterproof trousers. Patience is rewarded and many of us take a seat in the fresh snow to allow the penguins to venture closer and closer. Out in the bay, a leopard seal is on the hunt. Not one but two penguins become his appetizer and entrée for the morning. We watch in fascination as nature in action takes place. A wild and violent spectacle.

At the end of the beach, Bruce points out the endless whale spouts out in the Errera channel. Humpback whales dip and dived, one even jumping out and breaching before our eyes.A thunderous crack in front of the beach announces the breaking of an iceberg and we watch as an iceberg the size of a small house turns completely over, exposing what had once been only been seen by the underwater world of Antarctica. Large white flakes fall slowly as we cruise passed a beautiful iceberg arch on our way back to our dear Plancius. More whales are on the horizon the whole afternoon as we sail through Wilhelmina Bay.

A Zodiac cruise in Foyn Harbour is on the agenda next. As the sun peeks out we make our way to an old shipwreck, the Governoren, which a captain sailed aground in 1915 in order to save the crew from a fire onboard. The rusted bow and foredeck jut out of the water, contrasting starkly with the blue ice cliffs in the background. Fur seals are active as some joust with each other while others roll on the snow using their flippers to scratch an itch. But the real show is out in the bay. Whales galore! What a lucky day! As we make our way back to the ship, these incredible creatures continue their seemingly endless show.

Back onboard all name-tags are turned to green, signaling the family is safe back on the Plancius. Captain Evgeny is at the helm, starting to steer us north to tomorrow’s new adventure.